2 Quick Ways to Make Money Online Using These Internet Business Models

Article by Alton Strong

When you are registered you’ve got your own blog where you can post whatever you want and add as many affiliate links as you want.Usually I place my 1st affiliate link (or the link to your website) in the most top position of your post. Make it look like this:Can’t wait to discover how to get rid of acne just in few days? Then Click Here (your affiliate link) or read my story…Your posts on this blog get indexed by Google very fast and their rankings are very high. For most my keywords I got to the 1st page of Google. No need to explain what it means for your business. Blog Talk Radio is a gold mine for promoting any product.In our case we want to make posts for all keywords from our keyword list and include a link back to your site on the most top of the page and in the bottom of each article. In the Blog Entry title and in the tags should be your keyword. In the post you are free to advertise your product and sending visitor to your sales page. Either you can write fake review of your own product which I think works best. You make your visitor more confident about your product with an honest looking fake review, hence transforming a visitor into a potential customer.Remember to maintain the 2-4% keyword density in your text. Put your keyword in the main headline and start your 1st paragraph with the keyword you want to rank this post for. Don’t forget to include it near to the bottom of your promo article.If you want to keep these listing on top for a long time it’s 100% enough to make few links back to your post from the average-ranked relevant. Bookmarking method described in the 1st method will work well too.This is the blogging platform and all listings go down a bit faster than static platforms if you don’t maintain them properly. You can always link to your Blog Talk Radio post from your own blogs. But don’t make it reciprocal. I mean – don’t link back from the blog that you are linking to from Blog Talk Radio (this way we make these links pretty useless)I’ve got an amazing results just using article posting on Blog Talk Radio. Google loves their site and gives a priority to the most listings. No need to mess around you Ezinearticles account, or other crap, waiting 5 days before your articles being reviewed and even sometimes declined. Write whatever you want and get listed on the search engines 10 times faster than with Ezinearticles or other B.S.Try this and you will be amazed how powerful it is, just be wise with your keywords selection. Try to avoid the competition, do not hit it straight to the forehead – stick with this important rule and you’ll be fine.I know how exciting this feeling is when you check traffic stats of your site in the morning and discover hundreds of visits overnight. This is even more powerful than Google Adwords. These listings are free, “organic” and hence much more trusted than paid ones.Hope this helps some people – from my long notesvia: Get Google Top Rankings In 2-8 Hours Method

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