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Profit Jackpot – Website Builder Software

The Most Powerful Website Builder ware

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A good friend of mine, Anik Sal, sent me an email recently talk about some website builder software he created..

Now, I have a LOT of respect for Anik, but I’m totally sick of hearthe word “software” now. All these “1 click” get “millions tomorrow” software are ruin our industry!

So, I ignored it and even got upset at Anik, think he had joined the farm.  BUT, then he forced me to watch this free video about his new website builder software.

  • First of all, HE’S in the video – he’s not hid behind some HIRED ACTOR (which seems to be the trend lately).
  • Secondly, he gets VERY real in the video and talks about the reality of software..
  • THIRDLY (and most importantly), he uses his website builder software RIGHT IN-FRONT of your eyes LIVE to build 10 affiliate sites in 10 minutes.

24 hours later, he logs in and proves how he got over 3,800 visitors to them too (yes, in 24 hours).

NO MAGIC software. NO overnight riches. Just cool stuff that actually works!

So, if you’re like me and tired of the lies? Check out this free video for a breath of fresh air.  I don’t care if you don’t , that’s not the point.

The point is that it’s almost FUN to watch his new strategy and its refresh to see this website builder software that actually works and is not ridden with HYPE..

To download this amaz antibiotic levaquin website builder software visit

Extreme Traffic Bot

Extreme Traffic Bot – Story

STOLEN Traffic software from the greedy gurus?

Sometimes you just need a bit of luck.

This guy Phil Rigby had his whole life snatched away from him

when he was fired from his job after 7 full years of service.

He hated his life.

He then spent hours, months, years fail to make any kind

of money online.

Now he’s rak in $449,211 as a ClickBank affiliate us

a piece of NEW software for just a few minutes work a day…

This really is an incredible story…


And the best thing is… Phil actually STOLE this software

from the greedy gurus. Those very same guys who have been tak

you for a ride.

You see, like you, Phil really did struggle to make any kind

of decent money online.

He was scammed time and time again by the ‘gurus’.

But one day he managed to hack into a top-secret internet

market forum.

This forum was swarm with ‘gurus’… RICH ‘gurus’.

It quickly became clear to Phil that he was NOT supposed to be there.

What also became clear however was that these guys were


they and they alone used to strike HUGE ClickBank paychecks

each and every week.

Phil has been using this software for years now, rak in

sums such as $43,227 in just a week.

And the ‘gurus’ that used to scam Phil have made him so angry

that he’s giv YOU the chance to grab your copy of this

incredible software…

He’s decided to get his own back and give their TOP-SECRET

software away to anybody with the guts to grab it.

Go get it now:


And it doesn’t matter whether you’re a total newbie, or a seasoned

online marketer … this software is a truly side effects levaquin unique and super

powerful way of grabb TARGETED and FREE traffic that

WILL change your online fortunes forever.

You will be seriously AMAZED when you see just how many dollars you

can and WILL be see in your ClickBank account

when you start gett the kind of huge targeted traffic

Extreme Traffic Bot is GUARANTEED to br you…

On the site, you can check out how Extreme Traffic Bot transformed

a totally new account into one that generated $5,775.25 overnight.

Phil is also lett you see him log in to his ClickBank account

so you can see that he really is the real deal.

I urge you to look at this before the video is taken down:


Phil is ask you to stop listen to the fake ‘gurus’ and

their rehashed junk.

Because this is NOT:

– Facebook/Twitter

– Adsense/Google Adwords



These are techniques that take up an incredible chunk of your

time for minimal results.

Instead, Extreme Traffic Bot is just so incredibly EASY to log

into, activate and start mak money from, you will find yourself

wonder why you weren’t mak such great money so easily in

the first place…


Put simply, this is the software the ‘gurus’ did NOT want you

to know about…

Make sure you grab access to it now before the doors are

slam shut.

To your online breakthrough,

Stefan Kovac

PS This really has transformed Phil’s life, now it can change yours.

Listen to the whole story now:


FBAutoCash Review

** FBAutoCash Review… Hype or Hit? **


I had the chance to review FBAutoCash at the weekend… a
brand new course by Mark Anastasi, a successful online
marketer from Cyprus (a small island in the Mediterranean).

He makes millions of dollars as an affiliate, a seminar
host and promoter, and a top JV partner for most of the
big launches that have occurred in 2010 and 2011… but I
had no idea that he was involved in Facebook in any way,
until recently.

Anyway, the course claims that he makes at least $35,000
every month promot on Facebook.  I’ve seen a few
claims of people mak money with the social media
giant, and I’ve always been skeptical — for one, Facebook
Ad costs are SO high ($1+ per click for most markets) and
two, I’ve personally found it difficult to turn those visitors
into BUYERS since everyone is there to chat and check in
with friends… not !

So while there are plenty of claims of mak money with social
media, much of it seems to be from the ‘indirect’
benefits that are obtained by simply gett your name and
face out to a wider audience.  To actually start someth
TODAY… and make money TODAY… that’s a whole different
story.  Gett your name out there is a process of acquir
trust… and build rapport.  And that takes time!

So that being said, I approached this course with an open,
but somewhat cautious mind.  Was it going to be the same
as every other course?

The claim with this course is that… it has noth to
do with ‘elevat’ your name or status.  The path to
mak money is very direct – you sell a product, you earn
a commission.

Mark claims you can take the guide… read it
tonight… and start mak money TONIGHT. Very bold claims!

So… are they true… and if they are, how does he do it?

After read the course (which is 158 pages, 42 of which
are either case studies or testimonials, leav approx. 116
of direct, hands-on material), I had sort of a “Doh! Why
Didn’t I Think Of That?!” moment… the actual premise behind
how and why this works is so simple, it’s one of those
ideas you’ll wonder why you never thought of before.

And yes… I can absolutely see why it works, and why there
has been a near 100% success rate for anyone who has
actually followed the course, and stuck with it.  It’s
actually very difficult to lose… IF you do it correctly.

The strategy is simple – create a ton of Fan Pages, and
promote affiliate links to every fan who signs up.

What will surprise you is the kind of offers that actually
work.  It’s clear that throw just ANY old affiliate link
at the page won’t work – there are very specific types of
offers that do well, and you’ll be surprised what they are…
and actually how to recruit thousands of fans to your new
pages (which is really the lifeblood of the strategy).

If you goof on either of these things – you’ll make very
little, or no money at all.  Follow the steps that Mark shows
you… and it’s clear to see how you can make a kill.
The course explains the process very well.

I read the entire course in one sitt, and here’s what I
took from it:

* There’s basically 8 steps you need to follow for
mak money from Facebook.  All of these can be learned
in one night, and implement them should take 4-5 hours.

* You don’t need to use your own name, have any kind of
presence, or know anyth about a particular market to
make money in it.  You’re actually encouraged to use pen
names and remain anonymous.  I really liked that concept
because it means we can tackle multiple markets with
many pseudonyms, and dominate them all without tarnish
your primary name/brand.

* It costs NOTHING to run this entire business.  And
when I say noth, I really mean noth!  This is
someth that really hooked me with this model of
mak money, and is a benefit not to be understated.
Since you’re using free Facebook Fan Pages and not
Facebook Advertis, your clicks cost noth. No
host online costs, no domain names to register, no staff
to employ, no product creation expenses, no merchant
accounts.  You can promote anyth as an affiliate and
make as much money as you want, and no-one has any
claim to any of it.  This is a huge benefit because
it means you can build up your income at your own pace,
without rack up bills and overheads that need pay.

* There’s noth really technical about this business
model.  Creat a web page means you need to know
HTML, maybe Javascript or PHP, edit graphics, etc.
With FBAutoCash, if you already use Facebook, you know
how to run this business!  You’re click buttons on
the Facebook website that you’re already familiar with,
add friends, post status messages, etc – stuff
you probably already do with friends of family. It really
is that simple.

* Realistically, it will take around 30 days to see the
kind of income that can start replac a full-time salary.
That’s because you’re encouraged to add 100-200
new friends per day, per account, and you’ll be sett
up multiple accounts for many different markets.  The
general feel seems to be that it takes around 4,500
to 5,000 Facebook adds (again, you’ll do 100-200 per day
very comfortably) for every $1,000 to $1,200 you make in
return.  There are also ways you can outsource this, or
(my personal favorite- see below), you can use software
to automate nearly ALL of these tasks for you.

* What I found REALLY excit is the software Mark has
built to automate add friends and manag promos
automatically.  What that means is, instead of spend 30-45
days to make each $1,200 ‘income stream’, you can let
the software take care of that for you and even run
multiple accounts with it and do in minutes what it’d
take the average person several days to achieve.  That’s
REALLY powerful.  The software is offered as a purchase
follow the course and is priced VERY reasonably
for the time it saves and the money you can make with it.
What’s really powerful is, you’ll be able to walk away from
your computer and come back a little later… to find
hundreds of new ‘friends’ added to your account. These
are people you can start send affiliate links and
targeted promotions to immediately.

* This is a rare course in that there are several
students mak a solid $25,000+ per month with it (which
I’d consider to be a very decent ‘salary’ to earn from
one website, with no business runn costs), yet the course
is step by step and extremely easy for even a newbie to
follow and make some decent money with.  With so many
product launches these days, it’s very rare to see
someth explained so clearly that so obviously works…
there are screenshots for every step, and everyth is
marked in step 1, do this… step 2, do that… format.
Many courses claim it; this one actually delivers it.

So, is it worth ?

At $37 for the course, my verdict is it’s a *WINNER*.

Mak 10x the purchase price should be easy for anyone
to do very quickly, if they actually follow the instructions
and invest a few hours into read the material and
do the steps.

I’m on par to hit $5,000 this month with the course and
us the software and some of Mark’s ‘advanced’
strategies (which he recommends you do when you hit
$10,000+). I’m confident I can quickly scale this to 5
figures per month.

With the software, it’s made even easier – your workload
is cut down to just a few clicks of the button.  The
hardest part is decid which offers to send to make your
money on – a process Mark has made much easier by show
you screenshot examples of EXACTLY what he’s sell online,
and why certain types of offer work better than others.

The follow bonuses also accompany the course (which
add to the package value but honestly, you probably won’t
even need them).

– 12 videos on Facebook, includ:

* Mark Anastasi (intro to Facebook Market Seminar)
* Tom Miller LIVE at The Social Media Millionaire Summit
* Glen Kirkham LIVE at The Ultimate Facebook Market Seminar
* Mili Ponce LIVE at The Facebook Market Seminar + Social Media Millionaire Summit
* Nick Peall MR FBX LIVE at The Facebook Market Seminar
* Armand Morin
* Daniel Priestley

– Audio Interviews with people who already make
$1,500 to $25,000+ using this strategy (these are very
effective, because you get to see exactly what’s work
for these people TODAY… includ their best sell

* Georgina Lany
* Robert Grant
* Wayne Dobson
* Nadeem Malik
* Paul Wakefield
* Vlad Danciu
* Suraj Sodha
* Imran Naseem
* Sam Bakker

– And the follow exclusive PDFs, delivered free
to the next 100 students

* FB Ads module
* FB Events module
* Fanpage Dollars
* How to be accepted in CPA networks (which can gain you
access to exclusive offers to promote on Facebook that
none of your competitors will be sell)

To learn more about the product and grab it immediately
(it’s an instant download), use this link:


Stefan Kovac