3 Helpful Hints to Guide You in Starting an Online Business

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If you’re ready to take the plunge and start an online business, then congratulations are in order! Starting a venture online is an exciting time and can mean more time with your family, opportunities to travel, and can give you the financial independence you have always wanted. If you’re having a little more trouble making a decision about what to offer for sale, these few tips can guide you in the right direction.

Learning about How the Internet Works

You already know how to go online to do searches to find what you need, but do you know how you’re finding those sites that come up in the very first page of the Google search? It’s not magic, and it doesn’t happen by accident…these companies know what they’re doing and they employ strategies that ensure that they cream their competition with every person that searches for something they sell.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of making sure a site has everything it needs to get seen first in the search results. This takes careful placement of certain keywords, good Web design, and many other techniques that can be learned from the professionals.

Decide What Products to Sell

If you are looking to sell a tangible product online, do the research first. You can’t compete with stores like Wal-Mart, so don’t sell the products that they are offering for much less. The key here is to find a niche where you can take a stake and plant it in the ground and establish a true presence and reputation. Whatever you choose, consider the initial investment. You will likely need to buy a portion of the product upfront and store it in your home and then sell it.

Some manufacturers will drop ship for you, so ask around and see which suppliers can do this for you. Drop shipping saves you the space for storing your products, but it also will save you time in packaging and mailing out the items. The drawback is that many manufacturers charge a fee per order for drop shipping. However, if you can work that into your product’s price and still be competitive, you can certainly make a profit off of the transaction.

Deciding if a Service-Based Business Model is Better for You

If you are unable to make an initial investment in a product or simply do not wish to have a product-oriented business online, you can always opt for a service-based business. These models carry no overhead for product storage and nothing needs to be mailed out. You are the sole provider of the services you wish to offer, so make sure it is something you are an expert in! If you are a great writer, why not offer to freelance for people writing articles and blogs for their business? This is a great way to stay at home and make excellent money.

You can also learn how to market for other businesses on the Internet, or do “Internet Marketing”. Once you see just how effective the right methods are for bringing traffic to a Web site, you’ll want to be a part of this amazing industry.

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