3 Ways To Make Extra Money Without a Building a Website, Expensive Advertising Or Extensive Market Research

Article by Deborah Thorogood

Easy ways to make extra money is a virtue. Who’s not looking for ways to extra money or what some comedians call Spare Change? Back in the day when that phrase was popular there was no such thing as spare change then, so you know for sure asking for loose change could invoke getting busted in the head. (LOL)

Unfortunately, things have gotten a lot worse than they were just 7 years ago. Most people were working, the housing market was booming and stocks were soaring. Today, seemingly more people are out of work than ever before, (5 million world-wide).

An unprecedented amount of foreclosures are taking place as we speak and not only did stock prices plummet, ironically, companies that we thought would be here until the mother ship landed are out of business… for Good!

The good news is…the universe abhors a vacuum. What that means basically is that when one cycle ends… another one begins. For an example. When the vinyl record companies went out of business the 8-track companies begin.

Read below as we uncover 3 ways to make extra money I bet you haven’t thought of because they’re in a few industries that have been under the radar to the average person.


1. Most people are under the impression that they will need a huge capital investment to start their own cellular business. Well, that was true a few years ago, but now you can make extra or even extraordinary money offering cellular services from the comfort of your own home with a start-up cost under 0 bucks.

Security Systems and Satellite TV

2. Both are growing industries. Security is growing because more people are getting desperate about their financial outlook and are in need of at least trying to hold onto what they have already worked hard to get. Unfortunately when people get hungry, scared, and desperate they will do just about anything and typically break-ins increase during financially hard times.

Satellite TV; more and more people are staying home now because money is tight and even movies are temporarily no longer an option. Many families are opting to entertain themselves at home.

Energy Deregulation

3. Here is the biggie. Most people have not thought of this way to make extra money because the deregulation of public utilities are just now getting into full swing. Although, technically, energy deregulation started close to 5 years ago, the big companies were still trying to keep it under their hats. So for the first time in history the playing field is being leveled within the energy business.

The above information is just the tip of the iceberg. Those are 3 ways to make extra money are often over-looked by the vast majority, mainly because those options were only available to the affluent until now.

Interestingly, there are other essential services that people need, want and use every single month that could be a great way to make extra money working from home. We didn’t have space to list them all. The complete list is all spelled out here …quick ways to make money

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