Growing Medicinal Herbs In Case of Illness

Article by George Faulkner

Today when times are hard, most people are looking for ways that they can save money. Since they cannot save much on food and other essentials, most people tend to cut back on their health.

It’s really true that during this time, if you don’t have much money your health will suffer for whatever reasons. As people look for solutions to their problems, they have found that growing medicinal herbs can be that solution and cure for many common illnesses. We all know the healing power of Aloe Vera plants by simply cutting the leaf and rubbing the sap onto burns or sunburn for relief and a wonderful cooling effect.

Growing medicinal herbs within your yard can be one of the cheapest solutions to your problem. Herb gardening will provide you family with numerous benefits. There are lots of herbs that promote healing especially from common illness.

Here are some of the most common herbs and their remedies: * Painful joints—celery, rosemary* Painful muscles—chamomile, ginger, geranium * Acidity—chamomile, fennel, mint * Acne—chamomile, parsley, rosella* AIDS/HIV—garlic * Alcoholism—Melissa, milk thistle * Allergies—Echinacea* Alzheimer’s disease— rosemary * Analgesic—clover, lavender* Anorexia—cardamom* Anti ageing— lemon thyme, celery* Anti bacterial— turmeric, garlic, cinnamon, lavender* Antibiotic—rosemary, sage* Anti cancer—turmeric, lemon * Anti depressant— rose hip, lavender, lemon, jasmine, rosemary* Anti inflammatory— clover, ginger, basil, lemon, rose hip, chamomile,* Anti oxidant— turmeric and lemon* Antiseptic—cloves, ginger* High blood pressure—celery* Breast cancer—violet, clover* Chills-ginger* Cleansing—parsley * Colic—anise, chamomile* Coughs—anise, lemon thyme, fern, rose hip* Disinfectant-lavender, sage, lemon thyme* Fever—ginger, lemon grass

These are some of the most common grown medicinal herbs you can start growing at home. By growing some of these common herbs it is possible to have your very own first aid for most ailments and illnesses within arms reach indoors, there are still lots of noted illness and herbs that are not included here but you can research them on the web if you find your particular situation is not included in the above list. Herb gardening does provide relief to common ailments. It is also a good hobby and you can also start a small business. When you finally discover the secrets behind gardening, you can start adding different variations to your plants; you can sell them once you’ve started harvesting. Herbs won’t take much of your time, they are easy to take care of and very cheap. You just have to buy seeds and water them regularly; you only need to ensure they are free from pests so that they can grow freely.Herb gardening is not an unusual thing; most people globally are taking care of herbs in their yard. They can testify that herbs truly provide good health and lots of benefits inside and outside your body. You can also study perfume and aromatherapy oil making, most herbs can be mixed with lotions and oils, and they are widely used for massage and spa. You can earn extra money from home by making your own line of oils and lotions through organically grown herbs. You don’t have to spend a lot because most of the ingredients can be easily picked in your yard. As you can see, you have a lot of things that you can do in a yard; you just need to be resourceful.

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