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Hello! Want to quickly make money? See my blog in the most below. 15 quick ways to make money.The citizenry today is more conscious about weight especially because being overweight is linked to some ailments such as heart disease. Further, the costs of healthcare have skyrocketed and thus overweight or obese people are looking for fast ways to lose weight which are affordable and safe, and that won’t impede their livelihoods in any way.

A solution to this effect has been found in the hCG diet plan. With many hCG diet recipes now available one can easily adhere to this diet regimen and thus be on course to achieve a healthy weight. Previously, hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) was only available in injection form but currently much friendlier solutions are available in the form of hCG pellets and sublingual drops, with the former being the preferred option.

The hCG diet plan is a product of the works of one Dr. Simeon who was in the 50s involved in the study of how this hormone relates with the pituitary gland. It was at this time that he discovered that hCG is helpful in stimulating weight loss. This charted a new course for his research i.e. creating an hCG diet plan which at that time focused on helping athletes to find fast ways to lose weight. HCG diet recipes are all about maintaining a low calorie diet and the use of hCG. The essence of hCG pellets in this regimen is to stimulate the body into using or metabolizing the excess fats it has stored for energy generation purposes, and which counters the hunger pangs one experiences as a result of the low calorie diet.

hCG pellets are easy to administer and they have a higher quantity of hCG as compared to the injections and sublingual drops. They are taken thirty minutes before eating meals. The hCG diet plan has to be followed to the letter if the results we desire are to be achieved. The plan has four phases which begin at the gorge stage where you indulge in fatty foods for two days so as to prepare the body for the 2nd/low calorie phase. In stage 2 one is limited to 500 calories a day for 21 to 42 days. Stage 3/maintenance phase involves three to six weeks of 1500 to 2000 calories a day, and which is aimed at resetting the brain with regards to maintaining the weight you desire. Finally, phase 4 and by extension the rest of your life is all about eating healthy foods. Luckily, there are plenty of hCG diet recipes and thus chances of being bored or developing an aversion for particular foods are quite minimal.

As we can see, an hCG diet plan is in many ways a much better option compared to other fast ways to lose weight such as exercising or surgical procedures. HCG pellets are not prescription drugs and thus they are widely and readily available. The web has hundreds of hCG diets recipes which feature inexpensive foods and we thus can very safely depend on these diet plans as really fast ways to lose weight.

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