How to Earn Money Online Through Social Networking

Article by Phil Basten

There are numerous ways to make money online. A Google search for the subject brings up countless pages, many of them actually of no use.

Most individuals starting out think they need to have their own product to market. Even those that do have a product to sell could feel that’s their only way to earn money online in any real way.

Developing a product to sell and marketing it takes a lot of your time and testing. What do you do if your product doesn’t sell? If you look for products to sell, where do you find them? There are so many scams.

Leaving somebody else do the work of development and then merely marketing an already highly respected excellent product can not only reap affiliate money, it will produce a tiered passive income (or sub-affiliate income) that can go on to generate real cash without the marketer lifting a finger.

Better of all, the money is earned with little to no start-up cash out of pocket. Reselling a provable product as an affiliate is one amongst the proven ways to earn money online.

There’s no stock to handle, no fulfilment process. The marketer puts up code for online advertising on websites, opt-in email lists, social networking sites (Twitter, etc.) and anywhere else within the typically generous rules of any affiliate program.

The marketer sends website visitors through a link provided to them by the affiliate program. The code is how sales are tracked and then credited to the affiliate’s account. The marketer earns a fee for every sale of the affiliate program’s product which is then generated.

The cool part is that in several programs marketers’ can also be rewarded for any new affiliate marketers they send to the affiliate program. The first marketer then earns a commission on the new affiliate’s sales.

This way marketers’ can genuinely “earn while asleep”.

There really are only a few truly profitable methods to make money online so turning Internet visitors into clients and/or fellow web marketers into affiliates.

Several prospective web marketers might feel there is a secret code to crack for online money mastery, but simply knowing what the product creator is selling is the only secret code needed. There’s no alternate for product knowledge and skill.

The internet marketers’ duty is to drive traffic to their affiliate page. Every visitor that clicks a link with his/her code is “traffic”. Converting that “traffic” into money is the purpose.

Advertising a internet marketer-focused product is a superb way to make an income stream within the marketer’s never-ending search of “multiple streams of income to build wealth”. The web marketer not only purchases the affiliate product (giving the marketer his/her commission and thus one “stream”of income) but then is also likely to sign-up with the affiliate program.

They earn income; their referrer does, too.

In that way, the profit potential is mind-boggling.

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