How to earn money online with Adsense

What is Adsense?

Adsense is a contextual advertis program by Google which allows website or blog publishers to generate revenue from their web pages or blogs by plac ads from the Google Adwords network on them. Each time these ads are clicked on by one of your visitors you earn a share of the revenue that Google makes from charg that particular advertiser. It is certainly a strategy you will come across when learn how to earn money online.

Upon acceptance into the program you become an Adsense Publisher and will be given an account with Google. From within this account you will create the ad code to place within your website or blog on whatever pages you choose. There are some techno things like layout, size, format and so on to ensure that the ads confirm to the look of your page.

Google has plenty of resources available for you to peruse as they are highly motivated to assist you learn how to earn money online because in turn they earn money. So Adsense is certainly a strategy to earn some money. I personally do not use Adsense, as I figure, I have taken a lot of effort to get people to my web page or blog, why would I possibly want to risk them click on some other ad, I’m told the amount per click you earn can be quite high but I have personally not used this as a strategy to earn money online. You may feel differently after do some research.

Whether you are sell your own products, sell as an affiliate, monetiz your site or blog with Adsense, pay per lead, pay per click or whatever, the bottom line in succeed how to earn money online is “TRAFFIC”. Relevant laser targeted traffic, learn how to get traffic to your monetized Adsense page so that copious amounts of searchers can click on your Google ads. It is relatively easy sett up a blog or website today, get that page on the first page of Google or other search engines, well, there in lies the challenge, but master this and you will know how to earn money online.

So should you decide to use Adsense as your strategy I highly encourage you to get familiar with all aspects of Internet Market so that you can be competitive with some of the best ranked pages in your niche. There is a lot to learn on how to earn money online, a lot, below is a list of just some of the main strategies you need to be familiar with,

Keyword Research
Article Market
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
Niche Research
Back Link
Social Bookmark
And more

Some Internet Marketers across a range of websites and blogs they have created earn over 000/day as an Adsense Publisher, that being said though, they only got there through master the above techniques and putt in the hard work and effort and now they know how to earn money online and you can too if this strategy suits you.

I would imagine that using this strategy would require us to put lots of quality content on our sites regularly and keep these sites optimised and ahead of the competition compet for that coveted first page of Google.

Whatever strategy you choose to use requires the skills of a master Internet Marketer that is the bottom line. To become a skilled Internet Marketer you need to associate and learn from some of the best Internet and Affiliate Marketers on the web today and trust me, model what these folks have done and you will know how to earn money online.

I highly encourage you to have a look at an online community I am proud to be associated with, a community and service that has produced some of the best in the business if not the best. Click below to get some more information on exactly how you can learn these skills and start your journey of online success. All the best to you.


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