How to find The Lowest Prices On a Used Car

Article by Terry Carters

Low prices on a used car seem to be very popular now-a-days due to the financial crises and the economic conditions it has created.Since the crack in the market this autumn 2008, we have observed an increase in the number of people searching for cheap used cars, even as low as 0. What happens is, people simply lack money because of unemployment, lower wages or whatever reason but most of them have debt that has to be paid down.

Thus they are forced to get money fast and if they have a car, they sell it cheap to get the money as fast as possible. And other cash strapped people buy it very cheap. It goes without saying that vehicles at a price like this are not typically this year’s models but cars that you can be pretty sure are functioning properly.

Now I’m gonna show you three sources where you can get good cars dirt cheap.

Government Auctions

Government auctions are my favorite source for very cheap cars nowadays. You might not find them the very first time you go there but sooner or later you will find a decent vehicle at a price you didn’t think was possible.

Auction Web Sites

Online auction sites are probably the easiest and most convenient places to go when you are looking for the lowest prices on a used car. eBay is the biggest and most famous auction site, but there are many other sites that specialize in auctioning different items such as cars. The best car auction sites are updated with the newest cars every day. If you haven’t been on eBay yet just enter ‘cars’ plus the amount you want to spend in the eBay search box and you will get a list of vehicles that meet your specifications. If you want to go to another site, just find a search engine and type in ‘cars’ and the amount, for example ‘for 0 or less’.


Classifieds like Penny Saver, Craigslist and others are also big sources you can approach if you want very cheap vehicles. Starting with classifieds online is easy, convenient and free. Find the cheap used car you want, make an offer to the owner and wait for him or her to agree. When you buy a very cheap car unseen you must be very careful; in many cases the owner will try to cheat you, for example by removing some parts from the vehicle. The best way to prevent such fraud is by having a car bill of sale printable form signed by the seller and yourself. Also ensure that the appropriate terms of contract have been stipulated in it.

Another often overlooked source in this internet age is our local newspapers. There are normally plenty of cheap used car ads in their classifieds. Like I’ve already said: get a bill of sale printable form and sign it both you and the seller. The rules are the same everywhere no matter where you purchase with the lowest prices on a used car.

You can probably get a decent deal with used auto dealers but if you are seeking and settling for a real bargain, I urge you to check out Cheap Used Cars before you go.

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