How To Make Money Fast – In Just Four Steps

With unemployment on the rise in South Africa and elsewhere, more and more people have to seek alternate income to make money fast and the internet offers many opportunities to explore.

However the internet has also established a standing of creating more losers and scammers than people who have succeeded. As more than 2 billion internet users hoard the web every day and in increasing numbers, so too the opportunities and scammers.

But relax;  it is the one and only industry that make more millionaires than any other industry every week.

Great, but wait, how does this help me to make money fast?

Here’s my simple four step method to build a home-based income fast.


Right Mindset – Ninety Percent factor
Research your Niche or target
Build a promotion Platform
Promote and/or advertise that platform and get visitors to your offer

A.Right Mindset

Having the right mindset or developing a marketing mindset simply means that you and you alone will determine your prosperity. Unlike a day job where goals are most often attached to a job position and you have to meet those goals or resign or get fired. With online marketing when people want to make money fast, you will need to define your goals and get it done.


You will need to measure your progress and plan you next step. Not so difficult, just a bit different and very exciting in the knowledge that here I am investing time in my own (and my Families) future. Get it done, never procrastinate, keep the expectations realistic and don’t seek financial freedom jumping from system to system or into the next best thing.

B.Research Your Niche

Essentially the most important first actual step you will take, to build an income from the Internet. What do you want to sell or promote? To make money implies that somebody is going to purchase something from which you can earn money or commission.

You may already have a good idea because you have a particular skill set with house pets.

Even though you know what you want to promote you still need to research the best keywords people use to find what they are looking for.

Should you not know what you want to promote, it is advisable to consider affiliate internet marketing. That means to promote an active product from somebody else. ClickBank is most definitely a good option to find products in promoting for free and get paid commissions

You still need to find out what exactly is hot, topical and what people want or the information people are looking for.

The best and free resources I use include Google Insight for Search, Google External Keyword Tool, Yahoo Answers and Google Trends. It is all free and easy to use immediately. Next

C. Build a Promotion Platform

You need a place to showcase what you are offering to searchers.

Here you don’t even need a website or free blog for everybody who is into Social Networking on the popular, Twitter, FaceBook or MySpace. It is possible to direct your friends and followers to the sales page of the merchant. This actually also applies if you’re among the email junkies with thousands of friends and contacts in your inbox

To create a no cost website or blogsite today is very easy as it is mostly a step by step set-up approach, with many of these platforms. Just query Google or your favorite Browser for free blogs and verify whether they allow commercial activity.

D.Step Four – Final step – Find Customers

Congratulations , you have got a product and also found a free blog you like and have set up your internet-site or blog with information targeting your niche with some great images to suit.

Now you need to find customers to come to your website or blog to make money fast. Here there is a host of free resources designed to drive traffic to your blog.


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Free traffic is a valuable online commodity, but you need to know how to use it to make fast home based income come view some of the best free traffic videos


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