How You Can Earn Money Online

Article by Jesse Whitehead

There is little doubt that earning money online has become a national obsession for many people. Ever since the mid nineties when internet businesses started to spring up every day, people have decided that working from home via the internet is the new American dream. While it’s a lot more competitive now than it was a few years ago, the internet is still filled with many opportunities for those that are willing to work hard. If you would like to get your own piece of the Internet pie, you may want to consider using some of the methods presented in this article.


A lot of people have been able to start earning money online through blogging. A blog is a type of web site that allows you to add post new search engine friendly content very easily. Many people have been able to build up a reputable and profitable blog in a very short period of time. These blogs attract many visitors each day and the owners are able to sell advertisements and earn a decent income from that.

List building

There are many Internet marketers who say that the secret to earning money online is to capture the e-mail addresses of your potential customers. The “money is in the list” say these marketers, and for good reason. After you have captured many e-mail addresses you will have created a list you can use for marketing purposes. With your list of e-mail addresses of potential customers you will be able to send marketing messages directly to their e-mail inboxes.

This is very powerful because it allows you to communicate with your potential customers on a very personal level. You can provide links to products, services and other online merchants in your emails that will result in a commission when your email subscribers click through and purchase the products or services.

Pay-Per-Click advertisements

Advertising accounts for a huge amount of the revenue earned on the Internet each day. There are in fact, billions of dollars spent yearly on pay per click (PPC) ads, and you can get in on the action. If you are able to build up a web site that attracts many visitors, you will be able to place pay per click ads on your site. Pay per click ads are a way for you to earn money every time one of the visitors to your website clicks on an ad.

In conclusion, the secret to earning money online isn’t really a secret at all. You need to educate yourself as much as you possibly can, then take what you have learned and work hard to build your online business. Use this quick guide as a starting point, learn as much as you can about these methods and you will soon be on your way to some great profits.

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