Ideas to make money from your blog.

Article by Alan Scholtz

There are thousands of people around the world who have blogs, yet very few people actually earn money from their blogs. In fact if you do it correctly you can make a good residual income from your blog.

Below are a few ideas that you can use to start mak money from your blog.

Sell advertis space

When you mention advertis, most people think of Adsense, this is likely the most common means of l to generate income for a blog. If yours happens to become a well-known blog, or one that is well-received in a particular niche.

Advertis can be broken into CPC (cost per Click ) and CPA (Cost per Action)

CPC Ad Networks1. AdSenseGoogle AdSense is probably the best known and most widely used way of mak money from your blog. It is very simple to setup, offers ads relevant to your content from a large number of trusted advertisers, pays about 60% of the click to you and pays out reliably. The downside these days is that there is the possibility that your readers have become AdSense-blind, hav been exposed to similar ads on other sites they frequent. But if you want to monetize a very niche-oriented blog, your visitors will not be so exposed to adsense.2. YPN Yahoo! Publisher Network is the main alternative CPC network to Google AdSense. People who have used YPN have said that they earn more per click when compared to AdSense revenue generated from the same site. While this sounds encourag, there have been serious issues with YPN in terms of target accuracy. Payment is also reliable, offer the choice of payment via check or direct deposit.

3. Chitika Chitika will contextually pick a product and display a price, image and short description. Payout is reliable and can be sent straight to your PayPal account, something which is sure to attract many. While there have been vary tales of success and woeful performance, Chitika is most suited to commercial blogs. If you blog on a topic such as iPods, PSP, gam, electrical accessories you will more than likely find Chitika generates a good revenue stream. Chitika will serve ads based on your keywords. There are numerous plugins available that will automatically insert a keyword str based on your title tag, mak this a very worthwhile program to sign up to.

CPA Ad Networks

1. AdBriteTo be successful with Adbrite, you must have a high traffic blog. This is a marketplace where advertisers can browse for sites and pay for their textual advertisement to appear. It isn’t contextual and can be used alongside AdSense and YPN. The cost for a link on your blog is worked out by your traffic and sector. So the more traffic you have, the more you make.

2. Text-Link-AdsText-Link-Ads were the brokers between the advertiser and a select number of large websites Now you can apply to have your blog included in their marketplace so that advertisers can pay for their static text link on your site. Most of the ers using this network are do so because they want the benefit of the link from your site.

FinallyThere are other ideas besides using adsense or an affiliate product to make money from your blog, and the best part about these programs are that they are low maintenance, all you have to do is make sure that you promote your blog and make that you get good traffic flow to your blog

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