Ideas to Make Money in a Small Town

Article by Jan Smith

Living in a small town is a lifestyle choice with many advantages and opportunities available that aren’t readily seen or available for people living in a big city or a larger regional town.Small towns are usually located between bigger regional towns and hundreds of kilometer away from Cities.

My experience of traveling and living in Australia and traveling through Canada confirmed that when long distances between regional towns are large, these distances between have smaller towns; some of these smaller towns are no more than villages of less than a hundred people. I have also traveled extensively through the US and it is a similar population demographic.

So these smaller towns have the potential to offer good business opportunities to those who are looking for a total change of lifestyle. Every couple of years our Governments will conduct a census of their populations. The statistics from this census is very important for all Governments because it tells them where money needs to be allocated, and depending on the numbers, it also tells them what new infrastructure needs to be put in place.

The information gained from this census is also available to the general public and is a great way to help assess the viability of a small business or what type of small business a small town needs.

The three businesses that most of these towns consisting of around 2-5,000 people will need are a grocery store or somewhere to buy basic essentials.

Small Convenience Store:

These small convenience stores can carry a wide variety of products that people who enter are likely to need. These types of stores have more to do with “need to buy” rather than luxury type goods; although most of them will carry small gift items and greeting cards too. Bread, milk, butter, Newspapers and petrol are a staple of these convenience stores in a small country town located along a major road with a lot of passing traffic and a large rural population. In Australia, they often serve as the post office as well and have become a focal point of small farming communities.

A Doctor and a Pharmacy:

Small towns upwards of 5,000 people need a Doctor and a pharmacy. In Australia, it is increasingly hard to find Doctors who are willing to go to these small towns to start a practice. Being a country GP is a 7 day a week, 365 day a year job. They need to be able to handle such a range of injuries and illnesses that with more Doctors specialising today, to find a specialist GP willing to go into a rural district means we are importing Doctors from overseas. There is a lot of potential for a small business medical practice in these towns.

Hotel/Motel accommodation:

Depending on the amount of traffic travelling through these small towns and the distances between the regional centres closest to a small town, providing accommodation for travellers to stay overnight can be a lucrative business. Small town motels/hotels with a liquor licence seem to do very well. The local population will frequent the bar and buy their liquor there and travellers always appreciate a relaxing cold drink at the end of a long days driving.

Those would be the best 3 ways I could suggest as to how to make money in any small town in any country I have ever lived in or visited. Essential services are always a great way to make money and be an integral part of your community. Living in a small town is all about belonging to a community that you know; and isn’t that likely to be one of the main reasons why you choose to live in a small country town?

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