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People, who want to make money online writ articles, have a big problem, because quite a few of them don’t know how to do it at all.

You might already know this, but you can earn money from articles in two different ways:

1: You can sell your articles, and get paid directly.2: You can add your articles to article directories, and make money from the traffic they generate.

While it’s pretty simple how you make your income with the first method, the second could be used in several other ways. You can drive traffic to a site with ads on them and benefit from clicks or leads. Or you can drive traffic to a sales page, and make money from the sales.No matter how you decide to make your money online writ articles, there are two things that should be in order, or you will only make very little, if anyth at all.

Those two things are:

Quality and SpeedIf you want people to read them and/or publish them on their blogs or ezines, your articles must be of very high quality. This means that you should give your readers something of good value. Share your best tips and knowledge with them.

But speed is equally important.It’s quite funny actually that the faster you write, the better your writ skills will be in most cases. That’s one advantage of being able to type articles as quickly and fast as possible.

Another fact is that the more number of articles you can dish out, the more money you’ll make. If each article makes you , you make more per hour, if you can write 4-5 articles that if you only produce half an article.

Before you start writ an article, you should decide the purpose behind writ it. Are you going to use it majorly for backlinks? In that case, you shouldn’t worry too much about the resource box. You can just write a link to your home page, perhaps with a little explanation, and that’s it.

If, on the other hand, you want to drive traffic to a sales page or an AdSense page, you should harmonise your resource box with your article, and invite people to visit your page. Give them a call to action they cannot resist.Now, do you think you can do that? Can you write articles of a high quality and with sufficient speed to be worthwhile?

Then you will certainly be able to make money online writ articles.

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