Ideas To Make Money Using Golf Simulators

Article by Anil Singh

Golf simulators are no more just an entertainment box or training equipment for golf professionals. Lately people have realized the potential of these ultimate machines to make money. In today?s world where games like snooker, which doesn?t cost much money to setup are widely being used to earn money. So why just put a simulator lying at home when it can work along with you to make some extra cash.

Your simulator can run 24×7 as opposed to real golf courses which depend on the climate and the day light. Before you guys run away from reading this article as I am bothering you with all the crap, let?s come straight to the point which is ?Money? of course. Yes now I can see the glitter in your eyes.

Let us just divide it in two parts. How trainers can benefit from it and how it can be used as an entertainment hub and at the same time generate cash for you.

Golfers are always looking out for ways to improve their game. On a golf course you might practice all day all month but you can?t improve your game until you know where the problem area is. These advanced golf simulators are equipped with functions such as club fitting and swing analysis. As a trainer you can improve your client?s game by the help of these simulators. If you own a golf shop you can recommend your client these equipments by deciding the best fitting club using feedback from your golf simulator and increase your sales. You can charge the same money as you charge while training at the golf course from the client but you will obviously save some buck on renting the golf course and other outdoor expenses. No need to run right away to get one simulator, I have more secrets here in the entertainment section which you all trainers might be interested in.

Entertainment is one sector which can drive a huge traffic to your Hub. It can be your bar, a club or even a dedicated golf simulator zone. You can offer the some of the best golf courses which would create interest in them and next time when the visit you they might bright more friends which would increase your profit. Since you can run these late nights, people can have fun with some drinks which would boost your drink sales. According to me the best way to generate revenue is hold a golf tournament of 18 holes with some buy in cost, it can be hourly based or game based. Also you can hole a tournament of ?longest drive? with 8 players. And the winner takes some amounts. For eg: A buy in of 100$ would from 8 players would generate 800$ and you give 50% to a winner, so you make 400$ on that game.

You just have to do a proper survey as to what kind of games the majority of crowd wants to play and also market your services. These were some basic and easy to start tips. You can always aim for better with your ideas.

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