www.digitalninjawarrior.com Information Products Produce Fast Online Income – Video Training Course How to Create Knock Out Products and Charge High Prices How to Make Massive Money Selling Your Own Info Products How to Make Money Selling Information Video Training Course How to Create Information Products! Information Products – The Only Perfect Home Based Business Conduct a Live Telephone Interview The best way to record your Information Product is to have a friend interview you over the phone. Use the Interview Structure as your guide. Never read from a transcript, as this can be picked up by the listener. You need to become naturally excited about what you are talking about, as you are being interviewed. How to Sell Information Products Online! Why Ebooks And Information Products Are Truly The Perfect Business The Most Profitable Product to Sell Online – Information Products Entrepreneurs – Try Information Products to Start Internet Business Why Information Products Are the Best Small Business Opportunity What Types of Information Products That Sell Best Online Sell Digital Products Online – Selling Information Products Online Make Info Products and Quit the Rat Race! Package Your Tele-Interview into an Information Product Convert your recordings to an Audio CD. All that is left is to package your recording and market the information you covered in your sales copy. As a bonus item can get the audio transcribed and use that as a PDF eBook. Another idea is to convert

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