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Article by Izzy Varea

There is a plethora of programs out there on ways to make money online, but not all may be genuine or legitimate. Some programs are nothing more than scams, including multi-level marketing schemes that make money from recruiting others, rather than from selling a product or service. Other programs that qualify as scams are “get rich quick” schemes which promote chain letters promising mail boxes stuffed with cash. One needs to be on the alert for programs that use terms such as “earn thousands in days,” “make fast cash” and “get rich quick”. A key indicator of a possible scam is whether the product or service offered contains real value. Also, one needs to be able to assess if the price of the product or service offered is too high in comparison with the perceived or intrinsic value of the product or service. Most schemes that presume to offer an easy or quick way to make money online, do not offer such a product or service, but flog clever illegitimate schemes on the unwary, capitalising on the natural sense of greed that most of us possess, to make their money dishonestly.

However, with that said, it would be unwise to discount all programs that at first may appear too good to be true, because some of those programs offer legitimate and genuine products and services which are potentially very profitable when marketed with skill. One needs to do one’s due diligence by investigating the company, the product or service, and search out independent commentaries from people that have had experience with the program, before making a decision. However, when such programs are dismissed as scams before a proper due diligence is done, people can miss out on great opporunities to make money online.

The Independent Profit Center (IPC) Program markets a real product which has intrinsic value, and provides the ordinary person with a way to make money online on an ongoing basis. It requires a small one-time investment of 9, (which compares quite favourably with the 00 market value of the products in the program), for an earning potential of anything from K – K per month. The program is 98% automated, and requires minimal input, because almost everything has been designed to enhance time economy. The products, the promotional material, the follow-up letters and payment process, have been prepared and automated. Once the system is set up, it is practically self operating. The program also provides ongoing technical and other support,something that is sadly lacking in other programs marketing similar products on the web.

But the gem in IPC’s crown is their live training program, which sets it apart from the field. It is a comprehensive curriculum which teaches all the latest strategies and methods required to effectively make money online today. Many of these strategies utilise no-cost marketing methods, and this enables one to make money online without spending one’s hard-earned cash on paid advertising. Dan Miller shares his experience and expertise in online marketing, and the methodology which has rocketed his annual earnings into the high six-figures. Dan imparts his marketing wisdom in a compelling and inspiring manner, while stressing the fact that this training is generic, rather than specific to IPC. He actually encourages his students to use it to market other programs, and build businesses with multiple income sources.

While the internet is rampant with scams and dishonest dealers, one needs to be able to tell the genuine programs from the fly-by-night operators, by carrying out their research and satisfying the key requirements of a genuine and legitimate program. The Independent Profit Center program deserves such due diligence because it may sound too good to be true. But many would be surprised when they discover that it is one of the best programs they will ever find on the web today.

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