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Article by Patrick Mitsuing

One of the greatest business mentors of my life is Mike Dillard who was able to make over a quarter of a million dollars in four months with MLM. Truly his story was a fairy tale rags to riches kind of story that really inspired me to be great in this industry. Where else can you make fast money by applying your own skills.

In network marketing your paid for your efforts, so really you get money for what you are worth. There is no one telling you how much you make an hour or a year, but if you put in work in MLM you get paid over and over again for what you do. Throughout the industry you will hear stories of ordinary people making extraordinary amounts of money fast from home using MLM as their vehicle.

Yes network marketing can also be your vehicle to financial and time freedom, but there is also many stories you don’t hear. There is a lot of struggling network marketers out there that not only make little money, some are even spending more money than they ever make. There is a specific reason for this, but many are blind to see this factor that is stopping them from making money from home with MLM.

If you can stop this one factor that’s stopping many entrepreneurs to become a millionaire in MLM, you can see a guaranteed success for yourself. The one factor is lack of education, and alignment of a team with essential skills for success. MLM is so easy to be apart of, saying that the tomorrow anyone who wanted to can be a home business owner. This is what makes this industry so bad when it comes to trying to reach success, because it comes with broken promises.

Look at any other profession, if you wanted to you couldn’t become a doctor tomorrow just by signing an application. You would need education, experience, and more. That is the same with MLM, you need to know marketing, promotion, list building, masterminds, and more to be successful. But luckily for you there is a quick way to make money in mlm and really be successful.

The secret is to align yourself with a leader who already has these skills that can teach you, or invest in some inexpensive courses from industry leaders so you can learn from their successes and mistakes. You can basically cut your learning curve in half, and if not greater than that, by investing in MLM marketing books.

This is what took me from basically living with my parents, to having a website that attracts hundreds of new reps to me on auto-pilot where I make commissions while I sleep. It was because I learned a lot from other successful people, I read books, and implemented what I’ve learned on a consistent basis. If you truly want to be successful and make a lot of money in MLM, don’t try cut corners, you need to train yourself to be great and then you will be.

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