Make Money Online – Just 4 Simple Steps

Article by TJ Philpott

Are you’re looking for a quick way to make money online? Getting started in internet marketing can be tough. In fact it is during the initial stages of most online businesses that many decide to give up. Investing time and energy without seeing any online income can be very discouraging.

Let’s look at a 4 step process that should produce you an income while starting your journey into the world of internet marketing.

#1 ? Research

Visit sites such as Google trends, Dogpile spysearch, Lycos 50, or Magazines dot com to see what the most searched upon subjects are.

Another approach here could be to go directly to Amazon or Clickbank to help you determine what the popular markets are.

Next you’ll want develop a list of keywords directly related to what market you’ve selected. It would be preferable to focus on ‘long tail keywords’ to avoid the heavier competition found with very popular keywords. Using long tail keywords (keyword phrases) will more clearly define the target market you’re promoting to.

Your research will ALWAYS be your starting point and the key to your online success!

#2 ? Locate Your Promotional Materials and Product

Now we’re putting on our promotional thinking caps. Browse the internet to find photos, avatars, or videos that are relevant to the market or niche you’ve selected. Searching through YouTube or Google images you should be able to find an ample supply of images to serve your purpose.

Next you’ll want to find some affiliate products that are relevant to your market or niche.

You should have little problem finding something at Amazon, eBay or Clickbank.

#3 ? Launch a Simple Blog

Here is where we start to pull everything together. By starting a simple blog with little frills at either blogger or wordpress (their free version) we can create the platform on which we will promote our products.

Using some of the images and pictures we’ve located you can post these on your blog.

Your headlines and a brief post from you should include the keywords selected from the list you’ve already compiled. Be sure to tag your posts and add your affiliate links.

The use of images will help satisfy the multi-media hunger of site visitors while minimizing the amount of written content you’ll need to supply.

Be sure to post a new image along with brief written content weekly to continue to attract the search engines and new visitors.

#4 ? Promote Your Blog

Now you want to generate traffic to your blog by writing articles and visiting both forums and social bookmarking sites relevant to your selected niche. These three marketing techniques will enable you to create backlinks that will help to boost your search engine rankings.

By consistently applying these methods to generate traffic you should experience a considerable flow of targeted traffic to your blog allowing you to earn an online income.

Thru the implementation of the plan we’ve discussed above you should be able to make money online pretty quickly. This should also allow you ample time to develop a more extensive long term business plan of your own to continue your online success into the future.

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