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Crafting Your Way to Profits – Four Realistic Ideas

Article by Marni Levett

Have you ever heard the phrase “Turn your passion into profit?” Is it really possible to do? Yes, it is! But honestly it’s not easy and there’s no quick fix or secret formula to get you from here to there.If you like to be crafty, you’ve probably thought about selling your wares. Maybe others have told you that you could make some good money selling your handmade cards, jewelry, sewing projects or other things. Making the product is the easy part – what you do after that will determine whether you profit or not.First, be realistic. Why not shoot for the stars when you’re setting goals for yourself? There’s nothing wrong with doing just that. What you need to do next is break down your lofty goal into smaller goals that are more achievable in the short term. This might mean that you further break down your already smaller goals!Bottom line, you need goals that are measurable and achievable.Second, think like a business person and not a crafter with a passion for their hobby. This is probably the most foreign concept to understand. Of course you are passionate about your products, but now you need to decide what they are worth AND what your time is worth. Remember that you are an expert in your craft and people will pay for your expertise when they purchase your product. This applies not only to finished products for sale, but also your services. Are you willing to teach a class or consult with clients? Don’t forget that those are “products” as well.Bottom line, you need to change your way of thinking from a passionate crafter to a passionate business person.Third, hire a business coach. Unless you have an MBA, when you jump into any business you’re going need help. Coaches not only encourage you, but are also objective in their advice. Calling a friend will not work. Objectivity is the key to a successful coaching relationship and your coach will cheer for your successes and motivate when you need it. If possible, find a coach who is familiar with your industry, you’ll be that much further ahead!Bottom line, investing in the services of a business coach will definitely pay off.Last, work at your business every day! This doesn’t mean making your products either. Work on marketing your products, implementing suggestions from your coach, contacting potential customers, and building partnerships with other businesses. Even if you only have one extra hour a day to do this, your consistency will pay off!Bottom line, be consistent and put time into your business every day.Unfortunately, there’s no quick way to make money by selling your craft projects. The good news is that you CAN make extra money with your crafting, but it does take some learning, a lot of hard work, and consistency, and maybe a little bit of luck too!

About the Author

Marni Levett is an avid paper crafter, scrapbooker and self-described computer geek. She has turned her passion for all things paper into a successful home-based business. See more information on her website –

Business Ideas Online – Two Ideas to Make Money Online With Less Work and More Profits


I am sure that some people are do very well with such business ideas, but the fact is that mak money online with e-tail or some of the other traditional business models, can sometimes be a bit hard and disappoint.

I say this because I have tried virtually every online business idea you can come up with, from tak surveys for cash to hav an Amazon and an eBay store. Do not get me wrong, I have pulled money out of every effort and most of all an invaluable learn experience, so I do not regret anyth.

I still keep my e-tail business go, but only as a secondary source of income, because the fact is that in order to make ,000 to ,000 with the stores I have to work like a maniac, continuously updat inventories, fulfill orders, tak care of my costumers, you name it.

That is precisely what encouraged me to look for new business ideas online that could generate an additional income for me. After many failed attempts at new ways to make money, I finally got affiliate market and forex trad online to work for me like a charm.

These two business ideas probably represent the best options to make money online for three basic reasons:

1) They demand a lot less work than e-tail.

2) They are far more profitable and demand a very small investment as start-up capital.

3) You can run both businesses at the same time all by yourself, from anywhere where an internet connection is available. This means that you can run your business from home, which was part of the idea behind my quest for new sources of income online.

Now, my approach to a consistent income from these two business ideas was successful for a simple reason: I quit look for a bargain or a free report with all the “never before revealed secrets to make money online” and I invested a few bucks in real Education and Tools.

Affiliate market is a rather easy business to develop, not the in the sense that you will not have to work, but in the sense that it is not rocket science, so for anyone that knows how to write basic English this is a great idea to make a lot of money online, however, education has to be a part of the mix.

Forex or currency trad on the other hand is no different, you can make a lot of money online, but the idea is also to be well prepared to run this business. How do you prepare for it?

Well, you can choose to educate yourself (an online forex course) or you can choose to use a forex software, or you can go with both (my case). The idea is to ensure a consistent performance, which is essential if you want to make money online steadily with this business.

The internet holds many business opportunities and not tak advantage of them is just los money. There are many business ideas online that you can develop and profit from even if you are busy with a job or other activities, and affiliate market and forex trad online are two of them. The idea is for you to open your mind as a business person and explore new ways to make money online with discipline and persistence.

Find details about several online business ideas, educational resources and tools at:


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