Three Stupid Ideas To Make Money

If you are try to pull yourself out of debt, or if you are desperate to find a way out of your day job, these ideas to make money will not help you escape. In fact, you could find yourself digg an even bigger hole by sign on with something that is potentially damag. So be careful and don’t let your need to improve your life backfire on you–it could ruin your life. Follow are three money mak mistakes to avoid:

1.    Play the lottery

The odds against winn the lottery are dismal. Accord to MSN Money, the chance of winn a Mega Millions jackpot is 1 in 135,145,920. With these odds stacked against you, you are literally throw your money away with each ticket you purchase.

Some people try to justify their ticket purchases by say that it’s money for a good cause, as most lotteries go to fund public school systems. If you want to help your local school, try volunteer or work as a substitute teacher–both are services that are needed and appreciated. Work as a sub will also earn you extra money!

2.    Borrow money from friends or family

Many people who are in a desperate situation turn to friends or family for financial assistance, but countless relationship experts and counselors will tell you this fundamentally changes your relationship. In fact, more families and friendships have been broken up over money issues than by any other problem.

If you need extra money, there are proven ways to make an on-line business successful, or you can take a second job until you are back on your feet again. Borrow money from loved ones is never a good option.

3.    Tak a cash advance on a credit card

The interest rate on credit cards is alarm, but if you take out a cash advance, the rate of interest will make your hair curl. Most credit card companies do not offer a grace period on these loans, either, which means you accrue interest the moment you get your cash.

Finance experts agree that tak out cash with a credit card is one of the dumbest financial moves you can make. If you need more cash, you are much better off apply for a loan from a bank, or you can use a home based business opportunity to get your cash flow going again.

If you have recently lost your job or your current job pays too little, there are positive ways out of your situation. The most important thing you can do is keep your wits about you and find a way to make income from home. In no time at all, you can have a profitable business and will be mak a sizable income.

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